Three cars pulled from Elkhart River in Goshen

Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 6:42 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -A viewer sent us a tip that three cars were pulled from the Elkhart River yesterday after work on a nearby dam lowered the water level, exposing the vehicles.

Police aren’t saying much but they do say the cars were underwater in the Elkhart River for quite some time, but as to how they got in there remains a mystery for now.

“A couple of fisherman were there in a boat and he saw two vehicles in the water below them, Donald Truex says. He witnessed that cars being puller from the river.

Truex sent us video of cars being pulled from the Elkhart River this week at Violett Cemetery in Goshen. He and his family were there to clean headstones, but stumbled upon the scene where emergency crews were trying to get those cars out of the water. So, I got in contact with Goshen Police who say they are still investigating, but not a lot of details are known.

“So we stood there and watched them pull the first one out and it was a Mercedes Benz,” Truex says

That car along with two other vehicles, but how they ended up in this river is not known or police aren’t just aren’t saying.

“They had trouble locating the VIN number on the dash, and I believe they found one on the post of the driver’s side door,” Truex says.

I went out to the location to do some digging to see what I could find. I discovered a pouch covered in mud that would have held the information to a car, it says General Motors on the front but no paperwork inside. The spot is a popular boat launch, and I spoke to several fisherman off camera who tell me they have launched their boats from here, but never knew what lurked in the murky waters. Those vehicles pulled out of the river at the back of the cemetery have locals scratching their heads and hoping for answers.

“Wondering what kind of vehicles they were and how long they’ve been down there, if they’ve been down there, ya know, for 30, 40, 50 years or something ya know, something recent,” Truex says.

Goshen police say they will release more information when they can.

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