Man filing lawsuit after being shot during St. Joseph Co. police chase

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 7:37 PM EDT
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ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - Only a handful of people know what went down during police pursuit that ended in gunfire and flames in a St. Joseph County farm field nearly two years ago.

Only now is one of them talking about it publicly.

The pursuit took place in October of 2019. Police have yet to arrest the man they were chasing, and law enforcement refuses to release any dashcam or bodycam footage of the incident.

The man who fled—Kevin Meyers—has filed a civil lawsuit alleging excessive use of force on the part of the two police officers who allegedly shot him.

According to the suit, Meyers was shot multiple times and lost a limb in the ordeal.

Court documents indicate that Meyers parked in a cornfield after an on the road attempt to ram his car on the part of a North Liberty police officer. Once parked, Meyers’ suit claims the officer used the butt of his AR-15 rifle to try and break the driver’s side window.

Fearing for his life, Meyer’s fled, only to have a Walkerton Police Department officer empty at least three full clips from his gun through Meyer’s windshield.

On the move again, the suit claims the North Liberty officer then used his rifle to shoot Meyers multiple times.

Meyers then pulled back onto the road and up to a St. Joseph County officer to seek protection. According to court documents, the county officer kept the other officers away and placed a tourniquet on Meyers’ arm and leg.

Meyers’ suit claims at no time did he use his car to try and hit any of the officers. A press release issued by police shortly after the incident claimed he did.

As for what started the chase, Meyers’ suit claims he was sleeping in his vehicle in a cemetery and was startled when awakened by police and he fled.

The earlier police press release stated that it all started when officers discovered that the license plate on Meyers’ vehicle had been reported stolen.

The chase ended in a farm field near State Road 23 and Leeper Road in North Liberty.

The suit names Deputy Marshal Eric Kelly of the North Liberty Police Department, and Officer Travis Jackson from the Walkerton Police Department as defendants, as well as both towns. Both officers remain employed with their respective departments.

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