Wednesday’s Child: Cal wants to be happy

Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 8:58 PM EDT
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There’s an easy way to make the difference in the life of a child; by becoming a foster parent. Better yet, adopting from foster care.

Our partners at Grant Me Hope shared this story of 14-year-old Cal who has been available for adoption for the past three years.  He’s happy to have his story shared with our viewers.

“Because what people are doing right now is like good for kids, that don’t have a home and stuff,” said Cal. “So, like, what’s the point of them not having a home?”

Cal is in middle school where he likes science, social studies, history, and math.

“I like to play video games,” said Cal. “Play basketball and football.”

He likes to be outside and take walks. This nature lover would like to attend college and study plants.  Right now his college choices are Michigan State or University of Michigan.

But first, he’d like to connect with a new family.  His favorite food is pizza, and he wants his future family to know he prefers the kind with ham and pineapple.  He looks forward to the day he’s finally adopted.

“Yeah, I would like a home that is comfortable. Feeling safe.  It doesn’t matter which one they give me,” said Cal.  “It’s just a matter of what you would be grateful for. I would like a sister and a brother, because they sometimes get on your nerves, but they also can be fun.”

Cal would like to spend time with his family and feel the happiness of being together.

“Adoption means being happy and giving the hope to the person that needs it, like, needs it really badly,” said Cal. “Just keep giving hope.”

Click here for links to Grant Me Hope and the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange.

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