16 News Now’s Josh Short bids farewell to Michiana

Josh is heading to Denver, last day at WNDU Sept. 16
Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 7:39 AM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - This morning on 16 Morning News Now, Joshua Short announced he will be leaving WNDU-TV in September. Tricia Sloma and Matt Yarosewick joined him at the desk for the announcement.

So what’s his next move? Read his on-air farewell letter below:

So you may have heard, my time here at WNDU is coming to an end very soon. And I can confirm it’s nobody’s fault but my own. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to anchor and report in Denver, Colorado starting in October. Denver is a great city and Fox 31 will become my new home. They are a leader for news in that state. And I could not be more Thrilled to work alongside that team of accomplished journalists.

I want to clear the air right now…I made this decision on my own. No one else. I was not forced out, pushed out, I have no issues with anyone on our team, so we can stop the rumors before they start. But what is true, this is hard. But that’s the business sometimes.

The strange thing about this business is you say hello and meet people so often and yet you say goodbye a lot more. And many times, it’s the goodbyes that you remember. But I hope and pray that you remember the amazing four and-a-half years I’ve spent in Michiana, with you, right here, this place that I call home.

To our viewers both on the air and online, thank you. Our Facebook live knuckleheads, we’ve developed this cult following that I sometimes regret on busy mornings. But regardless of how busy the news day is, you’re always there on Facebook making us all laugh. I love you and will miss you.

To you, our viewers at home…you’ve embraced this south side kid from Chicago straight out of school. You’ve helped me grow and gave me thicker skin, and yes, I got the hate mail too. But without you, I can’t do this. We can’t do this. We get to do this because of you. I remind myself daily of this blessing. We’re truly lucky because of you.

And thanks to all my friends out there in Michiana. You know who you are. I’ve made quite a few over the better part of 4 years and to each of you, thank you for keeping me here so long. Thank you for the fun, the memories, the moments and the food. I’ve attempted to swim with some of you, I’ve been on horse and buggy, I attempted skiing, skating, I’ve been on boats that are worth more than my house. So, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the joys of life. I’m truly humbled.

To this morning team. I start with the names you don’t hear: Karyn, Carli, Sam, Jake, Jeanne — also known as coach — Brandon, Travis, to each of you…I’m so sorry. But also…thank you for your help, patience, trust and forgiveness.

To my managers and bosses. You kept me grounded and supported me this entire journey. You raised me and prepared me to make this jump from market 98 to a top 20. And when I decided to leave the coup, you not only endorsed and encouraged the idea but made it easy for me to do so. And for that I’m forever indebted.

And now to the people you know. Melissa isn’t here right now because…well she’s working but we’ll have time to say our goodbyes on the air next week. She’ll be filling in while you’re on vacation. Matt, what you’ve done for this team and this program, You’re truly a godsend. You joined the show on such short notice and under the most unique of circumstances and yet you easily filled those huge shoes. I’m grateful for you and our friendship and your TikTok. Thank you for being an awesome team player and even a better friend.

Speaking of friends, I am so lucky to say I’ve gotten to work next to Tricia Sloma. An Edward Murrow winner, an Emmy winner, a Journalist of the Year for the State of Indiana but most importantly a dear friend and an inspiration. I am truly lucky for all that you’ve taught me, Both on air and off. we’ve been through a lot together. Times weren’t always easy, but we’ve been each other’s therapists through it all and because of that, we’ve come out on the other side better. I will miss you with all my heart. Expect a random call from me if I need help with Cindy my tomato plant or food that I’m paranoid to eat. I love you and owe you so much. Thank you for being our north star and so much more.

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