Wednesday’s Child: Geared up for adoption

Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 6:43 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - “Hard working” is one way to describe a 16-year-old girl available for adoption.

Her name is Alejandra, but don’t call her that.

“I go by Ally.”

“I like painting. I like to doing my nails and my makeup,” said Ally.

And while it sounds like Ally is a girly girl, she’s not.

“I like working on cars. I like to see how it works. Like how it runs,” said Ally. “I want to be a mechanic for cars. I’ve thought about different things throughout the years since I’ve been in DCS, I’ve started wanting to be a mechanic.”

DCS is short for Department of Child Services. She’s been in foster care for seven years.

“Being through DCS for multiple years is hard,” said Ally. And she’s ready to stay put.

“I want to be in a home that I can know that at the end of the day that I’m there and I don’t have to keep moving,” said Ally.

Ally is a good student. She’s going into the 10th grade.

“My favorite class would have to be math,” Ally laughed. “A lot of people don’t like math, but I love math.”

Even if she has to change schools again, she does look forward to meeting new people.

“I like getting to know more people. Its hard for me in the beginning but I always end up making friends,” said Ally.

She’d really like to meet a forever family someday.

“That would be amazing. I would love for all of that to one day come true. And I hope that’s soon,” said Ally.

And she dreams of what that family looks like.

“I would like at least a few other siblings if it’s possible. Maybe like one or two,” said Ally. “I would like someone be ok with me calling them mom and dad. I would just like them being there for me. "

Click here for more information about Ally at Indiana’s Adoption Program: Alejandra | Indiana Adoption Program

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