‘Just in Case Foundation’ raising awareness for SIDS

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 7:35 PM EDT
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PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WNDU) - A Plymouth mother is turning her pain into purpose after losing one of her seven-week-old twins to SIDS.

It’s only been a couple of months since Case Borton passed away, but his parents are already making a big difference with the “Just in Case Foundation.”

Sitting at a booth at the Marshall County 4H Fair is Kayla Borton and her sons. “His name was Case, like the tractor,” Kayla says. “So, I had Case and Chase.”

Baby Chase is in her arms right now, but the reason behind their visit is in memory of his twin Case.

“In May this year, I lost my son Case to SIDS,” Kayla says. “The day after he passed, my best friend purchased an owlet for my son Chase.”

The owlet is looks just like a sock, but it can save a baby’s life.

“It’s a device that he wears on his foot, and it monitors his heart rate and oxygen levels,” Kayla says. “And it sends a signal to the base. So, if he were to stop breathing, an alarm would sound and it would be red to notify me that he is no longer breathing, so that you can go check on your baby.”

The “Just in Case Foundation’s” main goal is to get legislation passed so that Owlet Socks are covered by insurance for all babies. But until then, they’re purchasing devices for babies born at a high risk for SIDS so another family doesn’t have to go through this.

“I hit the ground running with this foundation because it’s a way for me to heal and it gives a purpose behind Case’s death,” Kayla says. “It helps me help other people and that helps me heal.”

Families can apply for an owlet through the foundation. But beyond the device, the family is also planning to offer CPR classes soon for kids and parents.

For more details, head to their website at and you can also find them on social media.

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