Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff kicks off this weekend

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 6:30 PM EDT
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ST. JOSEPH, Mich. (WNDU) - Artists have been working hard in St. Joe, Michigan on Friday to get ready for the big weekend ahead of them with the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff presented by 1st Source Bank.

The artists arrived Friday afternoon and even had a police escort to kick things off.

They have spent the day setting up at Lake Bluff Park, and this is the first year that the fair will be a gated event.

Tickets are 5 dollars, with children under 2 getting in for free, and those with the fair say the artists are thrilled to share their artwork with the community.

“It’s a very competitive show to get into. When we juried these artists in, it was way back in 2020, so they’ve been waiting for a good, long time to get into this show. When they juried there were 7 or 800 artists who were vying for the spots to get into this year’s show, and now we have about 150 artists who will be here this weekend,” Krasl Art Center Executive Director Julia Gourley Donohue said.

As people come to enjoy the Krasl Art Fair, they can also enjoy some new additions at the Krasl Art Center.

The center is excited to share its new community lounge that is now open to the public and available for people to check out this weekend.

It’s called the ‘Overlook Room’ as it has big windows that showcase the Krasl property. It was originally office space that was then transformed into the lounge.

There are tables and chairs for people to learn about art, work on their laptop and just enjoy the unique space. There is also an exhibition of artwork by founder, Olga Krasl.

“We know that this is a flexible use space, so we look forward to hosting small events in this space. We look forward to just seeing our public more often as we are all coming out of the woodwork now and enjoying our social and community spaces again. So we really look forward to, as we host events, people becoming more aware of it and people just enjoying it,” Krasl Art Center Deputy Director and Curator Tami Miller said.

There is also an incredible art exhibition inside the art center to check out.

The exhibition is called ‘Blow Up II’ and features contemporary, inflatable artwork.

The artwork comes all the way from Walnut Creek, California and is from several artists who have never worked with inflatables before.

Those with Krasl say it’s a unique experience to come and see these inflatables firsthand.

“These are large, monumental, blown-up forms. Most of them are made out of fabric that’s stitched together, and they have blowers that keep them inflated throughout the day. At night we deflate them. They go to sleep and come back to life the next day. It’s just a really fun, whimsical show. It’s also a show that kind of makes you question things and see things differently,” Miller said.

You can see this exhibit for yourself while visiting the fair this weekend. The art center will be open and available to the public at the same hours as the fair.

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