One week into NIL, MOGL app sees success in helping student-athletes

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 6:38 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - Social media has been a buzz over the last seven days with college athletes able to now promote their brands.

The Notre Dame Football offensive line is now sponsored by Mission Barbecue for example.

Two former Domers are helping athletes across the country, capitalize on themselves.

Former Irish quarterback Brandon Wimbush and fellow Mendoza College of Business graduate Ayden Syal have been working around the clock through their business, MOGL, to help connect student athletes with business to monetize on their own name, image and likeness.

Before last week, there was more than 700 athletes on the wait list to join.

Now, Syal and Wimbush say thousands have athletes have signed up and hundreds of businesses too.

“We’re also just trying to be very thoughtful and very strategic about that rollout,” Syal said. “Making sure that all of our compliance functionality is in place, based on he fact that we now need to adhere to more state laws across the nation as opposed to just in those initial seven states.”

MOGL is focused on maintaining an athlete’s eligibility while also helping them profit.

“Our product, the landscape, the businesses are going to continue to become more aware of the product and the opportunities as well,” Wimbush said. “So we just think this thing is going to continue to grow. We’re going to continue to find ways to help athletes monetize and do it appropriately.”

With thousands of athletes signing up to join MOGL, Wimbush and Syal will always have a soft spot for the Blue and Gold.

“We’re excited to lean in to the Notre Dame Network and obviously be able to help everybody,” Wimbush said. “It’s such a tight knot community that a lot of the activity that’s going to be surrounding obviously the athletic program there at Notre Dame.”

“I think that was probably the thing we were most excited about was finally having the opportunity to provide value to Notre Dame athletes not only in South Bend but broadly throughout the country,” Syal said. “Obviously it’s a place that’s very near and dear to our hearts. It’s a place that we’re really familiar with as well. So calling up these local businesses is much easier for us now. We’ve been able to put some things on the agenda for athletes and you’ll see that in the coming weeks.”

To find out more about MOGL and to connect with them, click here.

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