Former Irish QB Brandon Wimbush hopes to help student athletes monetize their brand through MOGL app

MOGL doesn’t want to just help the student athlete. Their business model also plans to fund athletic programs in underprivileged communities surrounding the universities.
Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 6:35 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - Thursday is the day that college sports changed forever.

All student athletes are now allowed to profit from their name, image and likeness.

Former Irish starting quarterback Brandon Wimbush is doing his part to help the student athlete.

“Definitely harder than playing the quarterback position, even at Notre Dame,” Wimbush said.

Wimbush and fellow Mendoza College of Business graduate Ayden Syal have created a startup business called MOGL, which is designed to help college athletes connect with businesses to monetize their own name, image and likeness.

“We’re expecting an abundance of onboarding from both sides of the market place,” Wimbush said.

Wimbush and Syal are certainly getting some traction. Around 700 student athletes were on their wait list before they could earn compensation from their own name, image and likeness

MOGL doesn’t want to just help the student athlete. Their business model also plans to fund youth athletic programs in underprivileged communities surrounding the universities.

“Our real goal here at MOGL is to obviously create a platform that is safe, secure and compliant for collegiate athletes to monetize their brands,” Syal said. “We also partnered with kids sports to ensure that accessibility to local youth programs is not inhibited by income level.”

As the face of one of the most recognizable college brands in the world at Notre Dame, Wimbush knows there is opportunity out there for the student athlete.

“I think a lot of us, a lot of my teammates and a lot of my college athlete peers, could have used the opportunity and a platform like MOGL to go out and make a couple of extra dollars,” Wimbush said.

Through MOGL, the student athletes will have that chance.

Student athletes can not physically receive money from their respective universities for athletic performance or for recruiting purposes.

MOGL does not force anything on the student athlete or the businesses, but allows both sides to pick and choose what opportunities will be most beneficial for each party.

“We are really excited about the fact that this is going to be something you get out of what you put in to it,” Syal said.

Wimbush says if profiting off of NIL was allowed when he was in school, he would have put in the extra hours to make more than just a small amount of cash.

“I think I would have been able to make upwards of $100,000, at least, over my four years,” Wimbush said.

MOGL wants to help the student athlete get the chance to benefit from their worth if that’s $100,000 or more, and they know there is still work to be done.

“Ayden and I understand this is a long term game,” Wimbush said. “Our team understands that too, so not much is going to change on that end. We are going to continue what we have been doing. We think we have put ourselves in a really good position thus far.”

Student athletes and businesses can sign up for MOGL simply by going to their website to begin connecting with each other.

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