Drive & Shine gives 4 employees an extra week of vacation

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 5:49 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The Drive & Shine car wash chain says it is committed to employee happiness.

Friday, the company backed up those words with action.

Four employees who now have more than 20-years of experience received an additional week of vacation time and a $5,000 check to help them get out of town on Friday.

“And we want them to take a vacation. We don’t want to just give them an extra pay and because people make money and sometimes they don’t use it, so this is a forced vacation. You’re only going to get this if you go on vacation,” said Drive & Shine CEO Haji Tehrani.

“I’ve never been to Hawaii so I’m thinking Hawaii sounds really nice, said 20-year Drive and Shine worker Jerry Kretchmer. “Just getting on the beach and I’d be happy, just stay on the beach for the whole, you know, seven days. I would be content with that.”

Rico Williams has been at Drive and Shine since 1998. “And after a year working here, I felt like fast and furious. This is ride and die because I’m not leaving this place until they take me under.”

As for Rico’s vacation plans, “The kids been bugging me about going to some big theme park. Going out of town and ride a bunch of rides. That would be great.”

The one-week vacation comes in addition to any time-off already earned.

It’s apparently not the company’s first act of kindness toward workers. “About four years ago, you know, had some family members pass away within an eight-month period and Drive & Shine was there as a family,” explained employee Juan Cervantes.

“They listen to you. You’re not a number on a check or nothing like that, you’re family and a person the know and respect,” said Rico Williams.

The company is growing. Drive & Shine will open three more stores by the end of this year and will be looking to hire up to 40 additional workers.

“And every one of these people was a major contributor to who we’ve become. They helped us develop the procedures and processes that we deploy. They helped us with the technologies of automation, how to do it better,” said Tehrani.

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