Bonneyville Mill staying strong amid pandemic

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 5:15 PM EDT
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ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - During the pandemic, there were a lot of things that were hard to find. One of them was flour. That’s where a nearly 200-year-old grist mill in Elkhart County comes in.

“This is Bonneyville Mill. It was built actually in 1837. Flour for a while was off the shelves. And this was one of the places our community to come get it,” said Ronda DeCaire, Director of Elkhart County Parks.

As a tourist attraction, the mill had to close its doors during the pandemic. But it’s been making flour from local grain non-stop since 1837. And it wasn’t about to stop now.

“The staff got really creative and did drive-thru flour sales,” DeCaire commented. “It was a great way to safely reach the community and provide those flour sales.”

“We couldn’t open for visitors inside. So, what we did was we’ve got this little breezeway where the farmers used to pull their wagons and unload their grain. We opened that as a drive-through flour sale. Okay? And so they would come and we even had a stick with a little bucket on it that we used to reach out and get the money or credit card or whatever they we’re paying with (laughs). And we ran drive-through flour sales,” explained Courtney Franke, Manager of Bonneyville Mill.

This old mill was setting a sales record for the stuff. And this is no ordinary flour.

“This is stone ground whole grain flour. So, you know, it’s not sifted, it’s not bleached, it’s good for you. The whole thing,” Franke explained.

Located near Bristol, Bonneyville Mill is open again for summer visitors.

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