Residents concerned with speeding, traffic due to major road closure

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 6:20 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - State Road 23 in South Bend is currently closed from Fellows Street to the south side of Jefferson Boulevard for a road-widening project, but people who live in Sunnymede Neighborhood say they’ve seen several cars speeding through the residential area unsure of where to go.

“We’ve seen a substantial amount of cars come down this way and then turn back around, and then they’re in a hurry, so they’re jet setting down our street,” Sunnymede Neighborhood resident Zach Miller said.

“They’re already kind of upset because they’re being rerouted, and they don’t know where they’re going. We’ve seen them cut through lawns, trying to get around barriers,” Sunnymede Neighborhood resident Gabe C. said.

One resident has even gone as far as to make a sign letting drivers know that they can’t get through to State Road 23 since there is currently no signage for a local detour.

After speaking with INDOT, they say the detour for this project is to use U.S. 31 South, the bypass and Bremen Highway.

“Whenever we do a detour, we have to utilize other state roads that we maintain so that any damage done by large vehicles that are traveling on them is done to our roads and not somebody else’s,” INDOT Northwest Public Relations Director Cassandra Bajek said.

INDOT says they don’t currently have plans to add extra signage in the area, but that could change if they see a lot of customer complaints coming in.

“This is a major one to have State Road 23 closed in that area, so we understand that people are definitely concerned about what’s going on in the area,” Bajek said.

Neighbors say they wish there was better signage directing traffic through the area, and ultimately they hope for drivers to just slow down.

“I think that’s what people of Sunnymede are concerned about is that there is a strange traffic pattern that could increase and impact people negatively with that kind of activity,” Gabe C. said.

“We think the neighborhood is nice and safe and beautiful, but we’d just appreciate it if people would slow down,” Miller said.

If you have concerns you would like to share with INDOT, you can visit their website by clicking here or you can call their customer service hotline at 855-463-6848.

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