People in Newberg Township pushing for recreational marijuana businesses

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 11:17 PM EDT
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NEWBERG TOWNSHIP, Ind. (WNDU) - Newberg Township in Michigan opted out of recreational marijuana businesses back in 2018 when it became legalized in the state.

But people at Monday’s township board meeting are pushing for those businesses to be allowed.

“We have 53% of the Newberg Township that has voted for recreational cannabis, and now we have the municipality with an ordinance against it, so that doesn’t sound like the voice of the people,” Vice President Rainbow Farms Rick Anstiss said.

The township board says they continue to opt out of making those businesses legal based on feedback they’ve heard from past meetings.

“They did not vote, I feel, they did not vote to allow a business right next door to them,” Newberg Township Supervisor Bill Norton said.

Emotions were running high at Monday’s meeting, but the board says residents can petition for a referendum.

With a referendum, the issue would be put on the ballot in the November election and left up to the people to vote on.

“If this referendum passes, then we can no longer opt-out. We have to opt-in then,” Norton said.

“I believe we have a strong, positive thing for this referendum and the petitions. I believe it will be voted in,” Anstiss said.

For now, recreational marijuana businesses will not be allowed in Newberg Township, and the November election could determine whether it stays that way.

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