Rep. Walorski calls possibility of mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports ‘un-American’ during visit of Mishawaka clinic

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 6:38 PM EDT
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MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - On the same day Indiana expanded vaccine eligibility to Hoosiers 16 and over, Representative Jackie Walorski toured the very vaccination sights, like Healthlinc Community Health Center in Mishawaka that surround her hometown.

“The reason I came here is because I wanted to thank their staff. Their staff is tired. These folks have been at this since COVID numbers started going down,” Walorski says.

And while vaccine efforts are continuing to ramp up, so are questions about requiring students to get the vaccine now that many of them are eligible.

“Me personally, I’m not going to support some kind of a federal app that you check the box that says you know you have this. I think that is completely un-American. I think it totally erodes our individual rights in this country of who we are and what we espouse,” Walorksi says.

Walorski also not in favor of the emerging possibility picking up steam from president Joe Biden’s administration of requiring vaccine passports for business and travel.

“I think again, they have enough problems on their docket. The last thing they should be looking at is infringing upon the rights individual Americans who travel, who travel for work, who do those kinds of things,” Walorski says.

While she says she is ready to have a conversation about how the state should safely move forward,” I think there is a way we can balance this, do it together, and come out with a solution.”

Walorski says she is not ready to give up on allowing Hoosiers to make a choice.

“The vaccine issue is really a personal decision and I think it’s a great discussion to be having but I would not support a federal mandate,” Walorski says.

Despite her stance against mandatory vaccines, Walorski who has already been fully vaccinated, says she is still encouraging Hoosiers to do the same as the state continues to reopen.

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