Investigation into Granger shooting after police chase still under investigation

No charges filed yet
Published: Mar. 25, 2021 at 5:57 PM EDT
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GRANGER, Ind. (WNDU) -16 News Now is digging deeper into a Sunday police chase that started in Goshen and ended with police catching the suspect after a civilian shot him while on the homeowner’s property in Granger.

16 News Now tells us more about how this chase led 27-year-old Allen Stamps to the homeowner’s property and if the shooter faces any charges.

The shooting is still under investigation by the St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit and they say there are no charges filed yet.

Court documents from the Elkhart County Superior Court reveal few details about the shooting outside of what Stamps told police.

A car chase that started in Goshen turned into one by foot in Granger leading the suspect to hide in a shed on the shooter’s property on Anderson Rd.

Stamps told police he heard police radios, footsteps, and eventually someone opening the door to the shed and shining a light while he hid in it.

He said he possibly had a knife, but no other weapons on him, when he took off out the door after the person checking the shed left.

He said a dog bit him during his attempted escape, and that’s the end of what the report says Stamps told police.

Police confirmed the homeowner shot Stamps and this raised questions about whether the homeowner was within his rights to shoot the suspect.

“In the case of a person running through your property though, if they’re not causing an imminent threat to you which could also raise the issue of self-defense, then you would not have a right to use deadly force in general,” said Criminal Defense Attorney Vincent Campiti.

Campiti says more facts need to come to light about the homeowner’s encounter with the suspect to make any sort of determination, but he said use of deadly force depends on how reasonable the perceived threat is.

“It can’t be that I’m in my yard, and 50 feet away I know the police are chasing somebody and he’s running through my yard. That would not be an imminent threat of danger,” Campiti said.

He said another factor is whether the homeowner confronted the suspect or if it was the other way around.

“You’re not essentially allowed to use deadly force if you seek out combat or if you seek out a confrontation,” he said.

He said deadly force isn’t justified if it’s just an attempt to help the police or just because the person is on your property.

“The general warning is do not approach because the person could be armed and dangerous, so the answer is no you don’t have a right to intervene on behalf of police and use deadly force,” Campiti said.

16 News Now will continue to keep you updated on air and online as we get information from the prosecutor’s office on whether they plan on filing charges in connection with the shooting.

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