Crime Alert: Several acts of vandalism happening in Plymouth parks

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 4:49 PM EDT
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PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WNDU) - Plymouth’s old pedestrian bridge and its only heated park bathroom underwent vandalism in the past few days.

The City of Plymouth is working with the police department to try and figure out who these vandals are, but when 16 News Now spoke with the person in charge of maintaining these parks, he said the parks department ultimately ends up paying for these crimes.

Maintenance Supervisor Dave Cooper says dealing with graffiti isn’t new, and it’s not cheap to get rid of.

“We’re either going to have to sand it off, paint it off, or completely remove pieces and parts to get rid of that vandalism. For me, it takes away from my employees not doing things to get the parks ready for the spring right now, that we’re out there trying to cover up vandalism that should have never been there in the first place,” Cooper said.

This is what some people saw spray-painted on the old walking bridge, and even after it’s covered up, the bridge will never be the same.

“We are blessed with beautiful park systems. That vandalism takes away from that. And it’s not just spray paint, it’s broken windows,” Cooper said.

Cooper says the tagging comes after someone shattered a window in the park system’s only heated restroom this past weekend.

This is the building’s second broken window this year.

“It meant that I had to take that bathroom out of service until we had everything fixed and usable again. That makes everybody suffer,” Cooper said.

If you have any information on who was involved in or behind either of these acts of vandalism, you’re encouraged to reach out to the Plymouth Police Department.

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