Possible bad gas in Goshen causing costly car repairs

Published: Feb. 26, 2021 at 5:23 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Digging Deeper, 16 News Now received a tip that a Goshen gas station could be selling watery gas, causing car problems.

In one case costing a woman hundreds of dollars in repairs to her car.

Gassing up your car should be a simple endeavor, but for some who fueled up here behind me this week, it has been a big headache.

After repairs, everything is running smoothly for Gina Vincent Mujica, everything except a mechanic bill for $464.

“Tuesday evening, I went and filled my tank up with gas at the Phillips 66 at Main and Pike in Goshen, and soon after leaving my car started to falter,” Gina says. The gas station is at 224 N Main Street in Goshen.

Little did she know a simple pull up to the pump would lead to a big problem. Her mechanic had some surprising news.

“Found that my gas tank was 75% water.”

So I went to that Phillips 66 looking for answers. A manager said I would need to reach out to National Oil and Gas, the company where they get their fuel.

The manager not providing Gina with any answers when she first went back.

“He told me they never had any problems, and I said well you have a problem now,” she says.

As I left the gas station I snapped a picture of a man checking the fuel storage tanks in the back, he works for National Oil and Gas. I spoke to him off camera and he claimed he saw no issue with the fuel supply.

An exhausting issue, and Gina is not the only one.

“I’ve had at least 6 or 7 that filled up their tanks at the same gas station said that they’ve had problems in the last few days.”

I got in contact with one of those people who provided me with a video, wanting to stay anonymous, the video shows a gas sample allegedly drained from a car that filled up at that Phillips 66, and it looks a bit watery.

I reached out to National Oil and Gas and they provided a reason for water possibly getting into storage tanks; that thawing snow and ice can make it’s way into the underground fuel storage tanks when things warm up, but they didn’t say this was the exact reason water might have been in the Phillips 66 station’s tanks.

“They should at least help me get the reimbursement that I need for my car because our of good faith I filled my car up with gas not expecting to have a tank of gas cost 470 dollars,” Gina says.

I did learn earlier from Gina that the gas station manager has committed to working with those who have problems directly related to their gas. National Oil and Gas have said this problem is the gas station’s responsibility. So if you got some watery fuel at this station, reach out to the gas station directly.

You can also make complaints to the office of Weights and Measures in Elkhart County at 574-523-2090 or the State of Indiana’s office at 317-351-2877.

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