Wednesday’s Child: Pre-teen wants family to take pride in him

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 6:06 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - There’s something about 12 year-old boys and knock-knock jokes.

“Knock, knock,” said Charlie.

Who’s there.


Jack, who?

“Jackpot, we have won first prize,” laughs Charlie.

“Knock, knock,”said Charlie.

Who’s there.


Muffin, who?

“Muffin’s wrong with me, how about you?”

Charlie’s got that right. There’s nothing wrong with this kid. He loves a good joke and the chance to explore the great outdoors.

“I’m loving, and I’m curious,” said Charlie. “And I like to find random stuff in the woods.”

He’s really smart and good at school.

“I like to do science,” said Charlie. But when asked if he saw himself as a scientist someday, he replied, “No, I see myself as a YouTuber.”

Or maybe an artist.

“I like doing art,” said Charlie. “It’s just so colorful.”

More than anything, Charlie wants a new family that will be proud of him.

“I want my family to see that I’m good at school,” said Charlie.

Charlie needs a new family –he’s been in foster care for more than ten years.

“Pretty much when I was a baby I think,” said Charlie. “I’m done being a foster kid.”

“I just want a family that will want to keep me and not take me out of the house,” explained Charlie. “And move me to a different house.”

He has some requests of his new location.

“A dog. A cat. And usually a bedroom to myself,” said Charlie.

It’s a simple wish from a kid who wants a new home.

“Knock, knock,” said Charlie.

Who’s there.


Witches, who?

“Witches the way to go home?”

To learn more about Charlie, click here for Indiana’s Adoption Program.

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