St. Joseph Co. Health Department to investigate Monterrey Mob

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 6:28 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - We’re looking into the mob of hundreds of people that caused chaos at Monterrey Mexican Bar and Grill in Mishawaka.

The shocking video making the rounds online, and it may have been a group of young adults looking to have a little fun, but in terms of COVID-19 compliance there could be a big problem.

“Our team will be reaching out to the restaurant, really to first to gather some more information about, under ideal circumstances, what were their COVID safety protocols,” Dr. Mark Fox says. He is the deputy health officer with the St. Joseph County Department of Health.

Monterrey management says Friday night was a mob scene, and some of the mayhem is caught on camera. Hundreds of people crashing the restaurant, causing damage, and when the police pulled up the mob bailed. Some were escaping on the roof and running across the street. The large crowd catching the eye of the health department.

“We really are focused on the food safety and particularly now with the COVID safety protocol,” Dr. Fox says.

Mishawaka police responded to the mob scene but say since no criminal complaint was filed, so no criminal investigation is ongoing. However, the St. Joseph County Health Department will be digging in to learn more about what happened.

“The risk that somebody there is infected, having a large crowd of people, especially if they’re not able to adhere to physical distancing, expectation is I assume they can’t with a crowd that size, it sounds like a concerning mix of a lot of variables,” Dr. Fox says.

The man who provided us the video of the mob says some of those fleeing the scene jumped in his car for a ride.

He says they were Notre Dame students. That is not confirmed, but I did reach out to the university for information and they provided this statement on students avoiding COVID:

“If Notre Dame students violate our health protocols, which are required on or off campus, we will try to identify them and hold them accountable.”

The next steps will be the health department learning more about the mob mayhem.

“Gathering with 400 of your closest friends does not qualify as small gatherings.”

There’s plenty left to be learned, like where this group came from and what the findings of the health department will be. Stay with us for the latest details.

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