Wednesday’s Child: Teen seeks fun, new family

Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 6:09 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Foster children need a place to live until it’s safe to be back with their mom and dad. But when that’s not possible, the search begins for adoptive parents. 16-year-old Brooklyn is an Indiana foster child in need of a permanent placement.

“I like designing things. I like clothes. I like fashion and finding what my style is,” said Brooklyn.

This stylish teen is an artist.

“I like doodle. I mean, when I honestly try, like, I do really good,” said Brooklyn. “Sometimes I doodle on my paper at school, you know, not listen to the teacher. But it’s fun.”

What’s really fun for Brooklyn is trying new hairstyles and makeup designs.

“I honestly feel that makeup is a type of art. Even just hairstyling I feel that it’s just also a type of art because you’re creating your own hairstyles. You’re creating your own makeup looks,” said Brooklyn.

She’s looking for a fresh start with a new family that likes to laugh.

“The type of family I’d like to live with? Somebody who is honestly very humorous. Gets my humor,” said Brooklyn. “I’m very humorous at times. I’m very creative. And I do talk a lot so i would like a social family.”

A family is something she hasn’t had in a long time.

“I’ve been in foster care since I was four,” said Brooklyn. “I’ve been to a bunch of different placements. It just gets tiring. I just want to settle down with a family who is going to love me for me.”

And be there for the good times and bad.

“I would really like somebody who would take care of me and love me as their own,” said Brooklyn. “That’s what it’d really enjoy. Someone being there honestly to support me.”

Support her and help her reach her goals. Like driver’s education. She looks forward to getting her license someday.

“I want to learn how to drive,” said Brooklyn. “I feel like go karting and that type of stuff I like doing. Like bumper cars- it’s fun to me. So, I feel like I’d really like driving. I would enjoy it at least.”

Just no bumper cars while out on the real road, ok?

“Haha, definitely!” said Brooklyn.

Brooklyn loves to travel. She likes going to carnivals and fairs but she’s not a fan of roller coasters. If you would like to learn more about Brooklyn, click this link for Indiana’s Adoption Program.

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