One School at at Time: Martin’s Awards Northridge Show Choirs $1,000 Grant

Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 6:09 PM EST
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MIDDLEBURY, Ind. (WNDU) - Among the many casualties of the pandemic are student concerts and performances at area high schools. But the show must go on! Thanks to Martin’s Super Markets, the show choir kids at Northridge in Middlebury got some help with their next performance with a One School at Time grant.

There’s a proud tradition still singing and dancing at Northridge during the pandemic.

“The kids…man, I love them so much,” said Sandra Manglos, Northridge High School Choir Director. “They just adapt. They adapt to any situation. And they just make it work.”

Manglos is amazed at her students.

They may look a little different than in years past, but they still have the moves in Middlebury. The school is doing their best to hold practices and prepare for performances.

“So, how our practices are run, we have them in the auditorium. We have a thousand seat auditorium so I can spread them out. Socially distanced apart,” said Manglos. “They wear masks when they sing. They wear masks all the time. When they’re on stage doing choreography, we’re socially distanced apart. They’re doing the choreography to the best of their ability.”

Kora Beasley is a high school senior and dearly loves her time in show choir. She admits there are some weird moments.

“Probably the weirdest part is wearing masks when we are practicing but it’s also helped us get so much stronger in our vocals. And our stamina,” said Beasley.

And it’s a chance to socialize. Even if it is from a distance.

“I know for a lot of us it’s been an outlet for us to get to see our friends, because we don’t get to see them a lot. Especially during school when we’re virtual,” said Beasley.

There’s something the pandemic can’t take away from these kids; energy and style.

“The kids have just really put their best foot forward now through all the challenges that we’ve had. They’ve gone above and beyond to make it the best year it can be,” said Tera Gascho, Northridge High School Music Administrative Assistant.

What could make it even better? A $1,000 grant from Martin’s Super Markets. Martin’s did a virtual check presentation, led by assistant manager, Renee Klawiter.

“Show choir is very special to me. It means a lot,” said Klawiter. “Let’s keep the show going!”

“My daughter was in show choir for three to four years at Northridge,” said Klawiter. “I was excited when I was asked to do it (the check presentation) and knowing what it was for. My daughter was very excited when I told her. So, it means a lot.”

And it means a lot to Northridge.

“To me, it’s just amazing,” said Manglos. “It’s a blessing. It’s such a blessing, especially with this year having to cut back so much with financial stuff we’ve had to do, and to still run a show choir program at full force.”

They have five choirs at Northridge with numerous students taking part.

“That’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work but you know, the kids are why I wake up and I come. Everyday,” said Manglos. “Seriously. It’s all about the kids for me.”

Northridge is starting to ramp up their show choir season. They are preparing for their first performance on February 20.

If you would like to nominate your school for a One School at a Time grant, click here.

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