Martin’s shoppers can reduce waste and save money with Flashfood app

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 5:37 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -Now to a consumer alert that you’ll want to check out before your next trip to the grocery store.

The Flashfood app is coming to Martin’s Supermarkets in Michiana.

16 News Now tells us how it’s connecting shoppers with savings.

All of this perfectly good food at the Flashfood pickup station has a slight blemish or is nearing its expiration date.

By using the Flashfood app, you can save a bit of money by helping Martin’s get these priority items off their shelves.

The Flashfood app is all about helping consumers save money and reducing food waste.

Shoppers simply find their store, select their items, and pick them up here.

People using the app can save half of what they normally pay.

“I bought two boxes of mixed peppers. I saved, I believe, five dollars on each box of those peppers. Then today, I purchased some cereal bars, and I think it was a dollar or two that I saved per box on those as well,” said Flashfood user Tasha Tefteller.

These items sell at a low price because their groceries nearing their best-by date.

By discounting these items, shoppers are connected to food that’s good to eat before the store has to throw it away.

“Produce, for example, if it’s not being purchased would get pulled off the rack and thrown away in the trash. If a yogurt reaches that expiration date, we would try to mark it down and sell it ahead of time. This just gives us another avenue to move through that product before it reaches its expiration date,” said Martin’s District Manager Mike Albert.

Since Matin’s supplier SpartanNash first partnered with Flashfood last year, they’ve saved roughly 40,000 pounds of food from being thrown away at the store.

It’s now available at 19 different Martin’s locations in Michiana.

You can download the Flashfoods app in the Google Play market or the App Store.

If you’re a first-time user of the app you can save ten dollars by clicking here.

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