Scammers disguised as repairmen steal $4,500 from 74-year-old St. Joseph woman

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 4:53 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM EST
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ST. JOSEPH, Mich. (WNDU) -Now to a crime alert in Michigan you need to know about.

St. Joseph Police are asking for your help gathering information after two people posing as roof repairmen stole $4,500 from a 74-year-old woman while in her home.

16 News Now tells us what you can look out for to make sure these scammers don’t strike again.

Police officers in St. Joseph Michigan say this latest scam could be connected to three others just like it that happened over the summer of 2020. Here’s what they said they all have in common so you can spot the scam before it happens to you.

This is the surveillance footage investigators are looking at to try and find out who’s behind a string of thefts from people disguising themselves as repairmen.

They say the scammers used the same techniques that fooled other victims this past summer.

“It was Hispanic males, the victims were all elderly, there was a distraction technique used while the second person went inside to steal the items,” said St. Joseph Police Sgt. Dan Hetrick.

The latest hit happened less than a mile from the police station on Jan. 6th when a 74-year-old woman answered the door for people posing as roof repairmen.

That’s when one man distracted the woman while the other went into her home and stole $4,500 from her purse.

Sgt. Hetrick says there were several red flags before anyone entered the woman’s home.

“No plates on the vehicles. Tinted windows with the vehicles, things like that. If they claim, ‘I work for this company, or I work for the electric company, or I work for this roofing company,’ but they’re in a vehicle with no markings or indication that it’s the company they work for, that’s also a red flag,” he said.

He says to also be suspicious of anyone knocking on your door offering unsolicited services.

St. Joseph police are still looking for suspects in these crimes. They’re asking anyone with information that could lead them to who is behind all this to call the St. Joseph Police Department at 269-985-0300.

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