Woman who shot & killed car thief did not have right to shoot, legal experts say

Published: Dec. 30, 2020 at 6:13 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - If someone tried stealing a car, what would you do?

For 27-year-old Revlon Harrell, police say she decided to pull the trigger multiple times.

Investigators say it happen after Harell left her boyfriend’s vehicle unoccupied and running to get warm in the driveway of a home in the 2000 block of Lincoln Way West Tuesday night.

When she realized the car was being stolen, police say she fire numerous shots towards the alleged attempted car thief as it fled westbound on Lincoln Way West. That is when County Metro Homicide say the driver was struck and crashed into a nearby home. Soon after, the vicitm was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

Harrell’s decision now leaves the alleged attempted car thief, 38-year-old Anthony Craig Logan, dead and herself behind bars.

But many ask the question, did she make the right decision?

Some viewers say “If someone would mess with my car, I would shoot too!”

Another woman commenting on a Facebook post says “she (Harrell) had every right to protect her property.”

But did she? 16 News Now sat down with criminal defense attorney Vincent Campiti to find out.

“Based on the facts in this case that have been released by police, do you believe the use of force in this case was justified?,” Campiti was asked.

“In the state of Indiana, you can utilize deadly force only and generally in a situation where you reasonably have a reasonable belief that either your life is at risk or the life of another is at risk. In general, and the way it sounds here, where you have a car that is broken into and driven away, under Indiana law, it would seem that you would not have the right to use deadly force if those are the facts,” Campiti says.

So if Harrell went went too far in defending her property, or in this case her boyfriend’s property, what could she have done?

“I mean, you can run outside and again confront the person and probably just use the same means that they used to take the vehicle. Meaning, they entered it, you can use physical force to get him out of it, you know what I mean? The problem though is it worth risk of them now pulling a weapon on you and perhaps your the one that ends up dying simply because someone wants to take your vehicle when really, contacting the police is probably the best way to handle it,” Campiti says.

Again, 27-year-old Revlon Harrell is in custody tonight and waiting to hear formal charges.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone who has information or may have seen what happened Tuesday night is asked to contact County Metro Homicide at 574-235-5009.

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