One School at a Time: Edible Assignments in Elkhart

Published: Dec. 23, 2020 at 6:24 PM EST
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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - Some Elkhart teachers are taking virtual learning to a whole new level with online cooking classes. And they just won a $1,000 grant from Martin’s Super Markets One School at a Time program to support their efforts.

The virtual learners at Elkhart’s, Cleveland Elementary are always in for a real treat. The online segments called “Cooking with Amber and Stephanie” started out as a fun idea to get kids with special needs to try new things.

“To teach the kids some functional skills. How to measure. How to read instructions,” explained Intense Interventions paraprofessional Stephanie Whitehead. “Directions on the backs of boxes for our advanced kids. How to crack eggs.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to be the taster,” admitted Pam Ritzler, Intense Interventions teacher. “We’ve made peanut brittle recently and that was amazing.”

Other popular recipes include Reindeer Noses and Giving Soup.

“A lot of the recipes we’re doing right now are from our unique learning program,” said Ritzler.

These teachers could tell the cooking classes were engaging their students and decided to take it a step further. The only thing holding them back was their equipment.

“Well, like our green screen,” said Amber Rowland, Intense Interventions paraprofessional. “Its construction paper taped to our white board! And we wanted to make it more fun than just a white background. Make it more fun for the kids to look at and want to watch. And then, everything is mismatched- the measuring cups and the bowls. We just know that we can do this better if we had the equipment to do it.”

That’s why $1,000 from Martin’s will come in handy.

The check presentation was made Martin’s Super Market’s April Howell, a frequent guest on WNDU. She knows what it’s like to do virtual cooking classes as she instructs kids and adults at Martin’s Cooking School. She’s thrilled with what these teachers are doing.

“You guys have been doing a fantastic job,” said Howell. “I’ve seen your videos. So, well done! That’s not easy. That’s not easy at all. So congratulations to you.”

“This money is going to be a game changer for us,” said Whitehead. “Maybe get some glass bowls so the kids can actually see the ingredients in the bowls.”

Howell offered some advice to the teachers and invited them to bring their students to Martin’s Cooking School when the pandemic is over.

If you would like to see the YouTube segments of “Cooking with Amber and Stephanie,” click here:

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If you would like to nominate your school for a One School at a Time grant from Martin’s Super Markets, click here.

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