St. Joseph County police warning about catalytic converter thefts

Published: Dec. 22, 2020 at 6:12 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The St. Joseph County Police are warning people about a crime alert that isn’t necessarily new, but is increasing, people stealing catalytic converters from beneath vehicles.

16 News Now reporter Jack Springgate joins us live now to tell us how you can prevent your car from becoming a target for these quick crimes.

That’s right, it doesn’t take too long or much effort for thieves to steal a catalytic converter and they can be sold for a high price, but a detective with the St. Joseph county police tells me people won’t want to steal it if they think they’ll get caught.

Detective Dave Sult says these crimes happen often in parking lots or businesses with fleet vehicles, but there are also reports of them happening in residential areas and at churches.

Sult says the best way to prevent the crime is by parking in a garage. Well we at 16 News Now don’t have a secured garage so we do the next best thing Sult said to do which is put up some cameras near the vehicles.

Not only will this make criminals less likely to try and steal your converter, but it can also lead to their arrest if they do go through with it.

“We’ve had 26 since November 1st, and some businesses had 5-6 catalytic converters stolen. Some businesses haven’t reported everything to us, but our officers are telling us when they go talk to them, they’ve had at least ten other catalytic converters stolen,” said Capt. Dave Sult, a St. Joseph County Police Detective.

We have some of those precautionary measures in place here at 16 News Now with cameras all over our building like you saw in the video and bright lighting at night to catch anyone trying to steal our parts. You can protect your vehicles by doing the same.

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