Breaking down the COVID relief bill

Published: Dec. 22, 2020 at 6:14 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Congress passed a COVID 19 Relief package which calls for another round of stimulus checks.

This time individuals will receive a maximum payment of $600 while couples will get up to $1,200. An additional $600 will be added for every child under the age of 17.

Individuals must make less than $75,000 to qualify for the maximum amount while couples must earn less than $150,000.

“Secretary Mnuchin told us those checks would be on the way, you know, as of the vote and so as of, when we voted the next morning the IRS will start processing those checks,” U.S. Rep Jackie Walorski, (R) Indiana’s Second District told 16 News Now.

While Representative Walorski is comfortable with the $600 figure, Jayme Laskowski is not. “People are, as a matter of fact, right now I have a friend living with me who lost her home Her and her daughter are homeless. I had took them into my home because of the pandemic,” Jayme said. “She’s going to get $600 but that’s not going to get her out of the situation that she’s in.”

The package will also add $300 a month to unemployment benefits through March 14th of 2021 and $284 billion dollars will be used to re-start the popular Paycheck Protection Program which provides forgivable loans to businesses that keep employees on the job.

‘We have been begging for more PPP money for companies in this district. For mom and pop stores, for Main Street stores, family owned businesses,” said Rep. Walorski.

“The companies in this district that didn’t ask to be closed, the government closed them. Some of these family restaurants that have been around and some of these companies for 100 years, and it’s the government’s responsibility to get them a bridge until we get past this COVID.”

Finally, the package provides $20 billion to purchase vaccine and $8 billion to distribute it.

“We anticipate the pandemic continuing to linger on for some time. We think vaccines will be, you know, really ready for the masses, you know, late spring into summer. And so businesses for example will continue to feel the effects of this for the next six months or so and so this might now be the last time that congress has to act on something like this,” said South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO Jeff Rea.

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