Lights on Bell Road light show goes live Dec. 11th

Featuring 5 guest light displays
Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 5:44 PM EST
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NILES, Mich. (WNDU) -Some of the greatest parts of the holidays are the sights and sounds of decorations on our neighbor’s front lawns.

One Niles resident takes his decorations more seriously than others.

16 News Now tells us what’s good about this year’s Lights on Bell Road in Niles.

Every year for the past two decades Ken Kuespert adds something new to his Christmas light display, a show people pull over and watch from their cars.

This year, he not only added a few new features, but he also invited friends who are showing off their lights.

The Lights on Bell Road Christmas light show is in a league of its own.

Thousands of lights moving to the beat of holiday tunes Kuespert programs all by himself.

“A lot of what you’ve seen out here is what we all pixels, which are individual LED’s that can turn all three colors, red, blue, and green, and any combination of the colors to mix them. So we control about 50,000 different control channels out here. There are about 30,000 pixels,” Kuespert said.

They’ll stream their show live Friday Dec. 10th at 6:00 P.M., and for the first time, Kuespert invited five other homeowners from Granger, South Bend, Niles, New Buffalo, and St. Joe with the same passion for decoration to join in.

“We started an email chain going, ‘Hey, how do you think you’re going to do your show,’ or ‘How are you going to do your show this year,’ basically to give people, who have been cooped up in their house, can’t go to restaurants, can’t do this...a safe thing to do that they can do a tour and see all these Christmas lights all over the Michiana area,” Kuespert said.

It’s a high tech operation that needs some professional-grade equipment to pull off.

Kuespert will run the entire show from this production trailer.

The cost tends to run a number on his December electric bill, but Kuespert says it’s worth it.

“It’s all part of the fun. It’s a little bit of an expense, but to see people enjoy the show and have fun with it--you know I merged my electronics hobby to do everything and make it work,” he said.

You can follow the music along with the lights while watching the show by tuning your radio to 88.3 FM.

Here’s where you can see the locations for all six displays:

  1. Lights on Bell Road: 185 Bell Rd., Niles, MI
  2. Lights on East Main: 1540 Superior St., Niles MI,
  3. Harbor County Lights: 10766 US HWY 12, New Buffalo, MI
  4. Lights on Sunnymeade: 4442 Sunnymeade Dr., St. Joseph, MI
  5. Holiday Light Show on Edison Rd.: 24013 Edison Rd, South Bend, IN
  6. Granger Lights: 52392 Clarendon Hills Dr., Granger, IN

To learn more about the Lights on Bell Road, head to their website,

See a preview of the lights in action here:

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