St. Joseph County Boys & Girls Club brings back e-learning program

Published: Dec. 3, 2020 at 5:38 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -The St. Joseph County Boys & Girls Club in-person e-learning program is back for the second time this year.

16 News Now tells us why the organization is reintroducing the program and how it’s helping families.

The Boys & Girls Club recognizes how difficult it is for some working parents to balance their careers and care for their kids when they’re doing e-learning.

They’re bringing their e-learning program back to not only help kids get the most out of their school work, but also to make the pandemic easier on parents.

This school year is a challenge for 4th grader Jonathan Giden, and he says the return to e-learning isn’t making things any easier.

“E-learning and regular school has been so hard trying to pull up my grades, and trying to do good in all these kinds of subjects,” Jonathan said.

He says he gets the support he needs to do well in school while doing e-learning at the Boys & Girls Club.

He gets to have some fun too.

“They’re always there to help me, they’re always there to help everyone, and they’re always there to help people with things that are hard, stressful, or unusual,” he said.

While there are a lot of things about this school year you could call unusual, being around friends brings a little normalcy back into the lives of these students.

“There’s people like the staff here to help you, and your friends here will help you. Some people here, we have a lot of classes together, so I get to interact with them and have someone to talk to, but in a safe way,” said 9th Grader Hannah Cormican.

The Boys & Girls Club takes precautions to limit the spread of germs by following CDC guidelines, putting students in smaller groups, and restricting the building to only employees and students, just to name a few.

Jonathan’s mother says she can feel at ease going to work knowing her kids are staying safe, healthy, and focused on their school work.

“When they allowed this to open up, they gave me the opportunity to go to work and not worry about them, because they were able to get their school work done here, they were able to get out the house, they were able to interact with other kids, they have a whole bunch activities that they do here as well as the e-learning. So, it’s been great. They enjoy it, my kids enjoy it, and I enjoy the fact that they were here,” said Latoya Giden.

The cost is just 25$ a week, with the program taking place at the O.C. Carmichael Jr. Youth Center.

Find more information by heading to their website.

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