Car hangs vertically on building as part of art installation

Published: Dec. 2, 2020 at 5:19 PM EST
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MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - Something that can now be seen everyday in Mishawaka is certainly something you don’t see everyday in general.

A real Mini Cooper car is parked near the top of the East wall of a two story former bank building at the intersection of Mishawaka Avenue and Main Street.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the idea of someone driving you up the wall, but have you seen it?

“I get these ideas during my travels especially to cities that are known for their art like Miami,” explained the building owner John Becker. “It’s simply art and it’s just something that I think will make people smile.”

It defies gravity. It defies logic. But it does not defy explanation.

What’s going on on the outside of the building is symbolic of what’s happening inside at 101 CO-3.

The three C’s stand for co-work, collaborate, and connect, although trying to figure that out on your own is perhaps enough to drive you up the wall

“What we actually have going on inside is we are actually home to over 80 small business and entrepreneurs in Mishawaka. And so what we like to say is this car’s a great symbol of what we do inside and that is driving entrepreneurship and small business here right in the city,” said 101 Co3′s Aimee Carroll.

It’s the kind of eclectic art Becker has previously dabbled in at the Town and Country Shopping Center where a helicopter rests on the roof of the building that once housed the Ponderosa restaurant. The kind that lies atop the Shirk’s Piano building off Edison Road where sculpted musicians play the day away.

It’s the kind of art that makes you wonder what Becker will do next. “It’s going to be hard to outdo myself but I’m going to try.”

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