Monday snow creates challenging driving conditions in LaPorte County

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 5:13 PM EST
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LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - Plow trucks were busy Monday, treating roads and clearing snow off highways in LaPorte County, an area hit hard by lake-effect snow.

“Between 11 and midnight, a lot of the trucks went out. And then since then we’ve had a continuous stream of trucks monitoring the roads and treating where needed,” explained Cassandra Bajek, a spokesperson for INDOT-Northwest District.

Bajek said having heavier snowfall later than usual played to their advantage, too.

“The longer we have our seasonal employees with us, the more time that we have to train them before the first real snowfall happens. So we hire our seasonal employees, they start at the beginning of November, and then they go through snow and ice training and they learn, you know, how to work the trucks, everything that they need to know as far as changing snow plow, blades, tires, things like that,” she said.

On Monday, the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office reported at least 10 crashes. 16 News Now saw multiple vehicles damaged in weather-related accidents. INDOT urges drivers to drive slowly and be careful, especially near road crews.

“The plows have a really large blind spot for any vehicles that are directly behind them,” Bajek said. “So unless drivers are checking their mirrors constantly, they might miss someone coming up behind them. And then, if they don’t know someone’s there, it leads to accidents where, you know, people will accidentally rear-end the plow trucks or sideswipe and things of that nature.”

Bajek said INDOT trucks are ready to clear snow in other counties, too.

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