Nominate a veteran to win a new three-wheeled motorcycle

Published: Nov. 25, 2020 at 5:25 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - If you know of an area veteran who could use some adventure in their life, we know of a nationwide contest that could give them the lift they need.

The Road Warrior Foundation is giving away a brand-new three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder motorcycle, but you have to act quickly -- in fact, by the end of Wednesday.

Terry McFadden talked with Craig Anders, an Air Force veteran and co-founder of the Road Warrior Foundation.

Terry: Craig, talk about the focus of the Road Warrior Foundation, specifically this Adventure Therapy.

Craig: Absolutely. So Adventure Therapy is exactly what it sounds like. We take individuals who were wounded in service and many of them isolated, spent a lot of time in the hospital. You know, some of these are just kids who went to basic training, went overseas, got hurt and that’s all they know. And we take them out on a life-changing adventure. Through our partnership with Can-Am BRP, we have the ability to use great equipment like awesome three-wheeled motorcycles and Sea-Doos and Ski-Doos and off-road vehicles too, basically put these folks back in charge. Many of them thought they could never ride a motorcycle, go off-roading, they never thought they could do this again, and we not only give them the ability to do that again but be the ones in charge, be in control, drive that, and it gives them a new perspective. Adventure Therapy helps you focus on what’s ahead and leave all the stuff in the rear view that doesn’t really drive you day to day.

Terry: And your Signature Event is this annual Road Warrior Ride. Describe what that is.

Craig: We take them on a two- to three-thousand-mile cross-country adventure over the course of eight days. We introduce them to people and patriots across this great country that they didn’t know existed. Many of them are stuck in their houses, they just get in the internet and they think that’s what America is, and we show them how many great people there are out there and how many great Americans there are out there that appreciate their service. You know, there comes a point where a lot of them doubt why they sacrificed and why they served because they don’t realize how many people out there that have this love for them, but it’s really something special to watch.

Terry: Because of COVID there won’t be this event this year, but there is something really exciting going where somebody, perhaps from northern Indiana or southwest Michigan, could be the beneficiary.

Craig: We decided to hold a contest in conjunction with BRP, who gave us a brand new Can-Am Spyder three-wheel vehicle. They gave it to us and said, ‘What do you want to do with this?’ And so we brought the idea that we want to have a contest and give it away to a deserving veteran. Bottom line is they go to our website,, and it’s right on there, and you can enter your favorite veteran. You put their story, you put their name in, their information. You put your information in and that populates into our giant bucket of people who have entered, and we read everyone’s story and evaluate them and then decide who among those are the best candidates, and then the community will make the final decision.

If you know of a veteran here in Michiana who could really benefit from Adventure Therapy on a brand-new Spyder three-wheeled motorcycle, go to and submit their name along with their background information.

Entries need to be in by midnight Wednesday.

2020 Road Warrior Foundation Contest website:

Road Warrior Foundation website:

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