Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry reminding hunters about deer donation program

Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 4:54 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry is always working to meet the need for food resources in Indiana.

16 News Now tells us how they’re bringing hunters, butchers, and community partners together to fight food insecurity.

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry wants to remind hunters and landowners about their deer and livestock donation program. With more than a dozen meat processing and butcher operations in our area that are part of this program, it’s never been easier to share the fruits of your labor with people who really need it in your community.

There are butchers partnering with Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry in LaPorte, Elkhart, St. Joseph, LaGrange, and Kosciusko counties.

Those are just a few out of the 85 partners across the state.

You can take your deer or livestock to any of these butchers, and they’ll process it free of charge before sending off to a food relief agency like Cultivate Food Rescue in South Bend.

“Be it a hunter that wants to donate an animal, be it a deer, any wild game that they’re doing, any farmer that has an animal that’s not making weight, maybe it’s wounded, maybe a broken leg but the animal is good we capitalize on that and get the donations to us. We partner with a local butcher shop and we’ll take the animal there,” said Cultivate Food Rescue Co-Founder and executive chef Randy Z.

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry covers the cost of processing while Cultivate packages the meat into meals.

In the past ten years, this program financed the processing of 1.7 million pounds of donated deer and livestock, providing 6.8 million meals.

“When you part with Hoosier Feeding the Hungry, it’s a beautiful thing because if someone calls and says I have ten cows I want to give you I might not have the funding to process ten cows. Partner with them, they pick up the cost of that, now we’re both together feeding more people,” Randy said.

You can find the closest participating butcher by heading to the program’s website where you can find a list of phone numbers and locations.

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