One School at a Time: Martin’s awards John Glenn Marching Falcons with $1,000 grant

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 6:03 PM EDT
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GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) - Area school districts are doing what they can to stay safe in this pandemic, but life is far from normal.

Schedules, staffing and budget cuts are just some of the common changes, but there is help out there in the form of Martin’s Super Markets' One School at a Time $1,000 grants.

This month’s award was presented to John Glenn High School Marching Band in Walkerton. The Falcon Pride Band has a lot to be proud of.

“Probably making state finals considering that we never made it in Class C before. Before we were in Class C was in 2006,” said Falcon drum major, Connor Arick, a John Glenn senior.

“We were hoping to go back this year but due to COVID we aren’t able to go back,” said Annabelle Stremme, a John Glenn senior.

“One of the biggest things that was the hardest, was having my senior year competitive cancelled. but we’re trying to make due,” said Arick.

The students spent the past few months practicing outside and putting together a show for the community.

“We are still doing a marching show this year. It’s different but we still have the expenses with it,” said John Glenn Band Director Nathan Sudduth.

In addition to the expenses, the band suffered a drastic cut in fundraisers due to the pandemic.

This band needs money for a variety of things like music, music stands and more.

“With COVID-19, every student has to have their own stand,” said Sudduth. “We can’t share instruments any longer so we’re providing the instruments we need to provide, and the safety equipment and the list goes on.”

That’s why Martin’s $1,000 is so appreciated.

“They deserve the best that we can offer them and we have lost a lot of opportunities that we normally have to raise funds so that we can provide those opportunities for them,” said Sudduth.

Opportunities that these well-rounded kids learn from every day.

“We learn to multitask very well,” said Stremme. “We march, we play, we count in our heads. We learn to multitask and teamwork comes with it. A lot of teamwork. because we’re just one band.”

Just one band, celebrating One School at a Time.

If you would like to nominate your school for a One School at a Time grant, click this link.

Each month, one school in our area will be selected to win $1,000 from Martin’s Super Markets.

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