Lost dog found dead after shot five times

Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 6:40 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - A lost dog is now dead in Howard Township after it’s owner says it was found shot five times including a bullet to the head.

“We worked with him to trust every single human, and that is exactly what he did and it got him killed," dog owner Jaimi Clifford said, as tears began flowing down her face.

Clifford says her husky, Slash, was found dead in a neighbor’s backyard with five gunshot wounds, including one to the head.

“The way he was shot is he was being held by a leash, or by his collar, and he was shot at the top of his head and it went out his jaw," Clifford explained.

Clifford says it all started nearly a week ago on October 16th when slash got out after a UPS driver, delivering a package, left the front gate open.

The next six days left Clifford searching day and night for her precious husky but unfortunately, no signs of Slash.

“We were out until dark. We went back out the next day until dark and we couldn’t find him," Clifford says.

That is until Wednesday morning when Slash was found shot to death just blocks away from home.

“We had a group of us walking through the woods and my husband happened to walk over towards the property on Dick (Street) and that is when he noticed the dog in their yard,” Clifford says.

Clifford says her home, located in the 2400 block of Dick Street, is only several homes down from where her dog was found at 2530 Dick Street in Howard Township.

While police questions the residents who live at the home where Slash was found, police have yet to make an arrest.

Heartbreak, shock, and outraged at the unthinkable, Clifford says her fight for Slash is not over until his killer is brought to justice.

“Whoever did this will go to prison and rot. That person had zero care about what happened to my dog or my family and I hope the same happens to him," Clifford says.

Nearly able to stand, with her legs shaking, and tears running down her face, Clifford continue with one last message for Slash’s killer, “I just want whoever did it to come forward. I don’t want it to happen to another family."

This case is under investigation. Clifford says she is still awaiting the results of an autopsy that was conducted on Slash Thursday. Anyone who has information or knows what happened, in regards to Slash’s death, is asked to contact police.

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