South Bend kids receive adaptive trikes from Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation

Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 5:37 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation gifted away three adaptive tricycles to children with special needs in the South Bend area.

16 News Now tells us how the foundation not only offered these kids a new set of wheels but also the inspiration to overcome lifelong challenges.

The drop-off took all but 5-10 minutes, but Peter, the boy receiving this gift has been working toward this moment for years.

Peter Reyes has rare disease called Bathlem Myopathy that weakens his muscles making a bike ride a real challenge.

He says that’s all the more reason to work toward building his strength so one day he can ride a bike with ease.

“The work that went into this has been some of the biggest build-up of my life. I’ve been working toward this moment trying to grasp what’s been happening,” Peter said.

Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation is recognizing Peter’s hard work with some wheels he can get behind.

“Every kid deserves to ride a bike. It doesn’t matter what their age, whether they’re five or fifteen. So, these adaptive trikes not only grow with them but they have all the safety features and added features that kids with balance issues, core strength issues, and things like that,” Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation Director, Brad Haberman.

It didn’t take long for Peter to hop on his new trike and test it out.

Haberman says the trike not only allows Peter to ride something more comfortable than a regular bike, but it also strengthens the muscles Peter will use when riding a bike with two wheels.

“I was filled with lots and lots of joy and I was really excited to finally be getting my trike,” Peter said.

Watching his hard work pay off, while getting ready to take on life’s next challenge.

And if you want to learn more about Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation, Brad tells me it all starts by heading to their website

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