DECISION 2020: Early voting in Indiana starts Tuesday

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 6:31 PM EDT
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The deadline to register to vote using the website is midnight on Monday.

“Today is the last day in the State of Indiana that a person can register to vote. So if you’re anticipating in voting in this year’s election, you have to be registered to vote," St. Joseph County Clerk Rita Glenn says.

You can still register to vote online. Just head to to register, but again, another reminder that you only have until midnight.

For all the registered voters out there, if you are looking to vote early as an in-person absentee ballot, Tuesday is day one.

“We’re anticipating a good crowd,' Glenn says.

Unlike absentee ballot by mail where you have to select a valid reason on your application to vote by mail , you won’t need to explain yourself for early in-person voting.

“There is no reason, you just show your picture ID and or your passport, and we can get you right over to one of our devices and we will process your ballot," Glenn says.

In St. Joseph County they are already working through absentee mail-in ballots, and anticipate processing over 20,000.

In 2016, the county saw 9,953 ballots mailed-in.

As for early in person absentee votes, there were over 19,870 in 2016.

What 2020 has in store remains to be seen.

You have a couple options in St Joe County if you’re looking to vote early.

“You can either stop in here at the county city building, in South Bend or the county service building in Mishawaka," Glenn adds.

If safety is your concern, signs are posted requiring a mask. The seats and voting booths will be sanitized between voters. There is also hand sanitizer available.

“We have been in constant communication with our health department to make sure that we’re following all the procedures that they have in line," Glenn says.

You can vote in person from 8 to 4:30 at the County City building in St Joseph County, as for other counties, if you are looking to find out where you can vote earlyjust contact your county clerk’s office or check out their website.

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