Sgt. Tim McCarthy, known for ND football public safety messages, has died

Published: Oct. 2, 2020 at 1:48 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - “May I have your attention please.”

Indiana State Police Sgt. Tim McCarthy, who was known for delivering more than 300 public safety messages at Notre Dame football games over the course of 55 years, has died.

“Football fans,” McCarthy would begin. “After the game, your number one priority is to get home safe and sound.”

Starting in 1960, McCarthy would leave fans grinning and groaning at the end of the third quarter.

McCarthy delivered his final public safety message in 2015, and he recycled the very first pun he used back in 1960.

“Remember, the automobile replaced the horse, but the driver should stay on the wagon.”

Here are some of McCarthy’s better puns used during his 55 years.

“Remember, responsible driving will keep you out of the soup. Even when it’s chilly (chili).”

“Monkey around in traffic, and you may end up in a cage.”

“Drive like a musician: C sharp or B flat.”

“You’ll never find that bluebird of happiness with too many swallows.”

“Those who like to live it up may have to live it down.”

“A drinking driver is like a gun: both are dangerous when loaded.”

“Drive like a happy doctor: have a lot of patience (patients).”

“When the weather is wet, never let your driving get rusty.”

“Driving half lit is not very bright.”

“The reason we hammer at safety is to prevent you from getting nailed.”

“Trying to shoot through traffic may bang up your car.”

“Remember, no one relishes a pickled driver.”

While these puns may sometimes be cringeworthy, it’s something that generations of Irish fans have come to look forward to.

“Some students say, ‘My grandfather remembers when he was a student,’” McCarthy told us in 2015. “I say, my gosh. I’m getting old.”

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