Elkhart County Board of Health to discuss county coronavirus response

Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 5:46 PM EDT
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ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - Elkhart County says they are hitting COVID-19 head-on, and the Board of Health held a meeting at 6pm on Thursday to talk about continuing to stop the spread.

This is actually round two for this meeting, the board of tried to hold this meeting last week, but had to shut it down because around 50 people decided to show up without a mask.

But despite that, the news they have to share is positive when it comes to mask wearing.

“You can see after the mask order and the amount of work that has been done across our community, those hospitalization events have come down and stay down. This is very much a success story," Jose DeHaven says.

During the meeting, the board talked about a decrease in hospitalizations in Elkhart County, as well as decreases in both the positivity rates and deaths from COVID-19.

In the middle of June Elkhart saw a big spike in hospitalizations, but the county is seeing a decline in hospitalizations since the mask mandate went into effect in late June.

As for, positive cases in the county, there was that spike in June, moving up and down until we get to September that saw a clear decline in positive cases in the county.

Throughout this pandemic we’ve been telling you about those spikes in cases in Elkhart, that officials have said is likely tied to the manufacturing industry, but according to the data the health department provided it appears masks have made some difference.

However, many who attended the meeting for public comment spoke out against the mask mandates.

“Is all of this really worth it when we are impeding on the freedoms of our daily life, of wearing a mask out in public, to church, to school?"

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