Berrien Spring’s KozySalia making masks for nearby choir students

Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 5:53 PM EDT
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BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. (WNDU) -A business owner in Berrien Springs is finding a solution for people who have trouble communicating through their masks.

16 News Now tells us how KozySaila is giving people in their own community room to talk.

A Berrien Springs Public School choir teacher told me it’s not always easy to sing with a mask.

She’s now making use of these newly designed masks from a local source.

KozySalia started making what they call pop-up masks that make it easier for people to talk and sing while wearing them.

These masks have more space around the mouth which allows people to speak and sing without breathing in their mask.

These are now being used by choir students at Berrien Springs Public Schools they can sing around each other without compromising their voices.

If not for these masks, making music might not be possible.

“Half the class we’re doing music theory, ear training, and music history, and just doing some fun activities together, but this allows us to actually make the music together. So, she made three samples for us, and we kind of measured to see what would fit the students the best. Then we went from there and put a big order in. She provided them for us really quickly,” said Berrien Springs High School choir teacher Carrie Vandenburgh.

Keila Sanchez started making masks six-months ago. From there she designed masks for people who do a lot of speaking and singing.

As a Southwest Michigan designer and business owner, Sanchez says she’s happy to offer her solution to her own community.

“Carrie is a friend of mine who works here at Berrien High as a choir teacher, and I said, ‘Carrie, I’m working on this design I would love to show you. Maybe this could help keep your classes open’. And she said, ‘Yes, I’m interested’. We got together and she’s like, ‘I want those’. So that’s how it all started. I’m actually wearing one right now,” Sanchez said.

You can see her other designs on her website.

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