South Bend School Board votes in favor of reopening plan

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 11:25 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The South Bend Community School Board has voted in favor of a school reopening plan.

16 News Now listened to the virtual board meeting Monday evening to see what updates were made to the plan since its initial proposal last week.

“The school we had is not the school we are going to have. It’s going to be really different. It’s going to be almost like starting over again. And I am just asking that people give everyone grace,” School Board Member Dr. Ruth Warren said.

Although in-person learning is going to look different than it used to, the South Bend School Board has voted in favor of a reopening plan that will soon bring students back to the classroom.

“I am here to serve our customers, and I feel that our customers are our students, and they need to get the education that they deserve,” School Board Member Stephanie Ball said.

But some updates in the plan were announced this evening before the vote.

The first of these is that on October 5, the only students who will have an in-person learning option are CTE students and those receiving special education services.

All other students will have eLearning.

October 7 and 8 will be when transition grades can begin a hybrid model.

This means that Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th grade and Freshman will be divided into two groups based on last name, and one group will be in-person while the other has eLearning.

For October 14th, only a minor difference was made from the original plan in how students are divided by last name.

On October 15th, only 3rd-5th grade will be in-person, with 6th-12th grade groups switching from the day before.

October 16th will be an eLearning day for all grades.

The ongoing schedule for all grade levels will be a hybrid model with eLearning on Wednesdays.

“If you don’t feel safe returning because you have concerns for your child’s physical health, this plan provides you the opportunity to remain in eLearning. If you do feel safe returning to school because you have concerns for your child’s social and emotional health, this plan provides you the opportunity to go back to school,” School Board Member Rudy Monterrosa said.

We will continue to monitor South Bend Schools as they make their return back to the classroom.

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