South Bend Police Department is looking for new recruits

Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 12:08 AM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The South Bend Police Department is looking to add new officers to its police force.

16 News Now met with the department to learn what the hiring process is like and what they are looking for in their future recruits.

The South Bend Police Department is hiring, but that process involves many steps.

“Once you apply, we process your application and you go through the physical agility test which is the first phase. After that, you have the written test, then the personal interview, then the oral board interview, background check, polygraph. Then, if you pass the polygraph, then we give you a conditional offer, and you have the medical and psychological before your hire date,” South Bend Patrolmen First Class Chris Brady said.

Brady says there are certain traits that the department is looking for when hiring.

“We’re looking for people who have good common sense, are able to talk to people and are of good moral character, especially honesty. Right now, we are just looking for qualified applicants. We don’t have a cap as to how many we are looking for,” Brady said.

The department says it has a lot to offer its recruits, like paying for them to go to the police academy and paying them a starting salary of more than $49,000 while they are there.

“There are lots of different units here that, if someone has career goals, they come in, and as they advance through their career, their career goals change. So, we have a lot of opportunities where they can kind of pursue those goals,” Brady said.

Applying for any job can be stressful, which is why Brady says they try to make their applicants feel as welcome as possible.

“We’ve all been there. We know how stressful these things can be, and we have an understanding of what the job is and what they are getting ready to go into,” Brady said.

Working in the training division, Brady says having a hand in molding future officers through countless hours of training is important to him.

“We want to give them all the tools and training that we can before they go out to the street, so they can do the best job possible.”

For more information on how you can apply to be a part of the South Bend Police Department, click here.

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