1987 Heisman winner Tim Brown shares recruiting story about how he almost did not go to Notre Dame

For the second straight week, there will be a Hall of Famer on 16 News Now’s Countdown to Kickoff
Published: Sep. 17, 2020 at 11:38 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - For the second straight week, there will be a Hall of Famer on 16 News Now’s Countdown to Kickoff.

This week, the Countdown crew of Mark Skol Jr. and Chuck Freeby caught up with 1987 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown to talk about the crazy recruiting story of how he ended up at Notre Dame.

SKOL: “I was doing some research on you and I saw that the high school game Notre Dame noticed you, they weren’t even there to watch you. They were there to watch someone else, and you ended up scoring four touchdowns that day. If Notre Dame wasn’t there at that game in high school, would you have been a Domer?”

BROWN: "I don’t know. I knew nothing about Notre Dame. My brother was one of these subway alumni guys who loved the university. He woud watch the replays on Sunday mornings and go to the library to research the university even before I was old enough to be thought of as a football player.

It’s hard to say. I wasn’t playing football at Woodrow Wilson High School to be noticed by somebody. My family could care less about me playing football. It was really all about where are you going to go to college to get a good education. At that time, I was looking at Eastfield Junior College right around the corner because that was the only place we could afford.

I really have no idea, man. Of course, I have thought about that quite a bit over the years but if they wouldn’t have been there, I never scored four touchdowns again in any game that I played in so it certainly wouldn’t have been that situation but what I remember is my high school coach telling me that Coach Robinson from Notre Dame said to him that I was not on anybody’s radar.

That’s why they were so shocked to see a player like myself and no one had ever even mentioned me. Notre Dame put me in everybody’s mind. That’s how it happened. If they wouldn’t have done that, I don’t know brother. Only God knows where I would have ended up."

Be sure to catch more of 16 News Now’s conversation with Tim Brown on Countdown to Kickoff.

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