Coasson Inc. making funerals possible during the pandemic with reimagined hearse

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 5:30 PM EDT
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WAKARUSA, Ind. (WNDU) - It’s never easy losing a loved one.

It’s been even harder for families to say goodbye without a proper funeral due to the coronavirus pandemic.

16 News Now tells us how a company right here in Michiana is making a difference for those caught between grieving a loss and doing so safely.

When Coasson Inc. got into business three years ago, they were already challenging the idea of a traditional hearse. Now their innovations are overcoming the barriers that come with having a visitation or funeral during the pandemic.

“The antidote to grief is comfort and confidence. To the extent that we can deliver comfort and confidence to people, we have served our obligation,” said Coasson Inc. C.E.O. Ron Stoll.

With its wide windows, slide-out casket floor, and unique maneuverability, the Coasson is making it possible for people to say their final goodbye safely during the pandemic.

“Part of our solution is that we can open up the casket on the back end of the Coasson, we can provide for a walk-by wake, and we can do it in an open-air setting like this,” Stoll said.

The Coasson goes beyond the expectations of a traditional hearse with its sliding flower tray, long service life, and decreased maintenance, while also coming in at one-third the cost.

Coasson showed one to 16 News Now designed to tribute someone who dedicated their life to the Chicago Police Department.

“We can display the casket, and if we are doing something like a first responder, and we stop to do ‘last call’ we can open it, we can open the casket, and that makes a very, very meaningful presentation in that moment,” Stoll said.

Allowing those grieving a loss to say goodbye to their loved one in person, while also redefining the tradition itself.

These Coasson hearses have already had an impact across the country as well as being involved in funerals in the U.K.

The one in the video helped facilitate more than 100 funerals.

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