UP Mall Shooting: “All of the sudden I heard three, pop, pop, pop.”

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 6:19 PM EDT
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We’re hearing more from those who were inside the University Park Mall on Saturday when 23-year-old Delaney Crosby was shot and killed.

Lori Jacob says she was just about to try on a pair of capris when a fun day shopping turned into terror.

“All of the sudden I heard three pop pop pop," Jacob says.

Mayhem at the mall after gunshots echo through the stores.

“I thought, ‘what is that?’ and then I thought, ‘oh those were gun shots’,” Jacob adds.

She couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I found a pair of capris I wanted to try on and was heading to the lady’s dressing room.”

That JC Penny dressing room became a safety bunker.

“I was very scared. When I actually got into the cubicle and locked myself in, I had to cry a little bit, I had to pray a little bit, and take a lot of deep breaths, but yes it was scary," she says.

She sent a text to her husband so he would know she was safe.

There were other shoppers with her and one of them received a disturbing photo.

“There was a picture of a young man lying on the floor not moving, and that was not long after the pop pop pop," Jacob says.

Not even a half hour after the shooting, a photo making its rounds online allegedly showing the victim. That photo is not shown in this story out of respect for the family.

A life lost, a family shaken, and one fellow shopper on that fateful day has a message for the family.

“I’m so sorry for the loss of your young man, I said a prayer when I saw the picture, that please be with the friends and family of this young man.”

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