‘Make It Your Own Mural Fest’ in Warsaw

Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 11:51 PM EDT
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The ‘Make It Your Own Mural Fest’ kicked off this week.

Over an 11 day period, regional, national and international artists will create 11 murals in 11 counties in Northeast Indiana.

Artist Tim Parsley, from Fort Wayne, is working on a mural in downtown Warsaw.

He arrived Thursday and put the primer on. Next he will transfer the design and will then begin coloring.

Parsley said part of the fun of a mural is watching it unfold and everyone discovering it as it unfolds.

While he cannot give away too many details, the mural will celebrate the natural and recreational life of lake life, which he said will be especially fitting for this region.

“I’m in my studio alone. I am often working on my own individual private pieces and nobody often knows unless I bring it out there. So this was a way for me to take what I do in my studio and apply it to my community; and hopefully make neighborhoods and places more distinctive, more engaging visually and something that people can be proud of...This hopefully can stop a person and it might stop them to challenge them or to make them start thinking differently or stop them for a moment to consider something beautiful..." Parsley said.

“Every mayor in Indiana understands the importance of artwork in a community, public artwork, that improves the walk-ability and quality of a place and community, and gives us that character that we are all looking for,” said Mayor of Warsaw Joseph Thallemer.

Parsley said he grew up making art and was the “art kid” in high school.

He went a different direction for a while, but got back to it in 2005.

Parsley currently teaches at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne.

Local artist Christina Hoover said she is excited to learn and work with Parsley on this mural.

“It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been a lot of fun and I’m just grateful for the opportunity to be able to learn such a huge thing. Normally I would not be able to learn that kind of thing on my own, so I am really excited,” Hoover said.

The fest is the first of its kind in Indiana, and runs through September 18.

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