Wednesday’s Child: Bright boy needs adoptive family

Published: Sep. 2, 2020 at 6:12 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Indiana has thousands of kids in foster care. Often, it’s a temporary arrangement until the children are returned to their parents or a relative. But in many situations, the parents’ rights are terminated. For these children, the Department of Child Services works to find them permanent homes through adoption.

Our Wednesday’s Child segments feature these children each week.

The kids need someone to adopt them to help them achieve their goals. 12-year-old Donny is a typical kid with high aspirations.

“I like to play with Legos. I like to build stuff. I like to ride my bike,” said Donny.

He wants to be a doctor someday. “It’d be an interesting job,” said Donny. “And you’d be able to take care of people, make them happy and feel better.”

He knows he’ll need to keep his grades up. That’s not a problem for Donny.

“I like to study science and computer technology,” he said.

That stuff comes natural to him.

“A math is really easy for me. Like, it’s just really easy,” admitted Donny. But life hasn’t always been easy for Donny, especially since he’s been in foster care. “There’s a lot of struggles. You don’t get to see your parents, and then, that gives you a lot of anxiety,” said Donny.

That’s why he’s ready for a new family. He’s not picky.

“Just any family, I guess really as long as they’re like a family,” said Donny. “We’ll all stick together and be a family together. As long as it’s that, I’m open to anyone.” It’s a win-win situation: Donny could get a family and they would get a real great kid. “I love to improve people’s lives and help them feel better and stuff,” said Donny.

Click here for more information about Donny and Indiana’s Adoption Program.

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