County and city leaders plan to work together to address homelessness issue in South Bend

Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 11:51 PM EDT
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County and city leaders met Thursday to discuss ways they can work together to address the homelessness issue in South Bend.

After the weather amnesty building closed, some homeless individuals set up camp at various locations in South Bend, but were eventually evicted.

Many have now been put in motels, thanks to an anonymous donor.

For months, people have asked South Bend Mayor James Mueller to do something.

Mueller said he has been working on long-term solutions, like scattered site housing with wrap-around services.

The county, however, is focused on more immediate solutions to address the issue.

“They may be able to provide some of the funding for the short-term things as well, and I think initially they were a little reticent to do that, but once they knew the county was going to step up I think that changed their attitude quiet a bit. I mean it made them feel like they aren’t out there alone. We’ve got a lot of things to figure out, but what is very positive is that you have the City of South Bend and St. Joseph County collectively working together with a goal to tackle this problem,” said St. Joseph County Auditor Mike Hamann.

In a statement, Mueller’s administration said, “We look forward to working constructively with county officials to make progress on this important issue.”

The city and county plan to meet again in two weeks to continue the discussion.

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