Tippecanoe Schools change dangerous bus stop

Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 6:15 PM EDT
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Athens, Ind. (WNDU) -

As the year kicks off for schools around Michiana we’re talking about bus stop safety.

16 News Now was able to obtain viewer video of a dangerous bus stop in Fulton County. The stop is on IN-14 and according to those that live near the bus stop people rarely slow down when passing through. The road goes from 55 to 45 to 35 miles per hour in just a quarter mile.

The video shows the kids crossing in front of the bus and across IN-14. MAXSTRONG School Bus Safety law says on highways this is illegal and that students should not be walking across the road in this way.

However, this stop appears to be legal. The only exceptions to the law are towns and villages where there are slower speed zones, or where there are no other alternatives.

That appears to be the case at this stop, however there is an alternative.

16 News Now reached out to Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation and it turns out they are aware of the issue and made changes. Here’s what they said:

“TVSC Transportation Safety Review Committee meets twice this week to review all bus stops in the school district. They reviewed the stop you mentioned again yesterday and a change has been made.

The transportation safety reviews from the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation’s Transportation Safety Review Committee meet the Senate Bill 2 requirement to meet before September 1st of each year to review bus routes.”

Going through Athens is students now have door-side stops instead of the stop at the dangerous curve before Athens.

Brittany Ingle reached out to 16 News Now; she’s the mother of the three children killed at a bus stop almost two years in Fulton County. That incident inspired the MAXSTRONG law. Ingle says she is sickened to have seen students dropped off at such a dangerous location and would like to see schools be more proactive in making bus stops safer. Here is her full statement:

“I have so many words and yet no words to witness The MAXSTRONG law in which my husband and I have fought so hard for to be ignored by the very same school district in which my children lost their lives. This video speaks loud when are children going to be the priority to this school district. This angers my soul.

It sickens me that children were still being dropped off on a highway to cross as of yesterday by Tippy Valley School Corp. It took 4 videos, pressure from media, law enforcement and MAXSTRONG to put pressure and correct their ignorance. They made changes today.

But given the fact that Olivia, Mason and Xavier were students from Valley who lost their lives because they didn’t take this serious and to see as of yesterday they were not taking it serious has to be the biggest gut punch besides the appeal from the killer Alyssa Shepherd.”

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