New Prairie High School students quarantined after party

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 5:30 PM EDT
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New Carlisle, Ind. (WNDU) -

A group of students throwing a party before the school year now find themselves in quarantine after it was found out that a few people at the gathering are positive COVID-19 cases. Students coming in contact with those who have the virus.

“Connected to that party it was over 20 students,” Dr. Paul White says. He’s the superintendent of New Prairie United School Corporation.

New Prairie administrators learned of that late-July party and sent out a letter to the school community letting everyone know what happened and what the next steps are.

“There were a couple cases that came out of that,” Dr. White says.

Now after contact tracing those students who were just looking to have some fun before the school year, now find themselves in isolation.

The school corporation is urging the use of social distancing, limiting groups/crowds, and masks where appropriate are all necessary.

That’s in and out of school.

“When you have a large gathering, it’s very difficult to determine close contact. So you almost have to operate, for the safety of everyone, under the assumption that if you’re in a gathering or situation that doesn’t have social distancing, no attempt at masks, you really for the sake of everyone have to look at anyone that was there was probably in close contact. Therefore we’re going to have you in isolation,” Dr. White says.

The cases from that party aren't the only ones in the district.

“We’re aware of two other instances where students have tested positive not connected to that gathering or party,” Dr White adds.

Under 10 cases total so far.

At New Prairie schools, they’re focused on safety; social distancing in classrooms, face coverings handed out and required, and only half the students in the building at a time, the rest on e-Learning.

Keeping up on those healthy practices outside of school is equally important.

“I’m not suggesting that we shut down life, I’m not suggesting that families not have a birthday party , I just think it really makes sense for all of us to sort of preserve our opportunity to meet with in-person instruction,“ Dr. White says. “We want to provide that, but we also need to think about how we conduct our lives, weekends, evenings, how that might impact every one else.”

Letter to New Prairie Community
Letter to New Prairie Community(WNDU)

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